Wednesday, March 7, 2007

The Funeral (1996, Abel Ferrara)

"New York City, the 1930s. A powerful crime family is caught in a lethal crossfire between union organizers and brutal corporate bosses"

Damn, this movie sucks. It has a great director and a great cast. Walken, Benicio Del Toro, Vincent Gallo, Isabella Rossellini. This should be one of the best crime/mob films ever made. This should be a gritty dark masterpiece. It should be one of those films that was overlooked when it came out,yet people slowly discover it. Sadly though, it's not.

Where does the film go wrong? It has a lot of flaws but the main one is Chris Penn. I guess overacting runs in the blood in the Penn family. Chris Penn is BEYOND over the top, and not in a fun way. It's more of in a awkward way that makes you laugh because it is so bad. There are so many pointless scenes in this film.

My favorite pointless scene and favorite scene in the whole film belongs to a hilarious scene with Chris Penn. In this scene Chris Penn is seen talking up a girl. After awhile he says "heres 5 bucks now go home" She then says "give me 10 and I'll fuck you" Chris Penn then stares her down for a few seconds and says "I'll give you 20" She says "ok" Now Chris Penn says "You fuckin bitch!!! You made a deal with the devil!! You slut!!!! " He then starts to rough her up and begins to rape her all while saying "YOU FUCKED WITH THE DEVIL!!!!!!! I gave you a choice and you fucked with the devil!!!!" He then finishes and then turns her around and says "I'm sorry" End of scene. This is cinema at it's best. Seriously, it doesn't get much better than this.

In a cast like this you would expect Walken or Gallo to overact and kill the film, but nope Chris Penn is the man here. The only person who saves this film from being a total waste of time is Benicio Del Toro who has a lot of fun with his role as the villian.

Even the ending of this film is pointless. Such a horrible film

- *

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