Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Rewatching a modern masterpiece

The Departed is hands down one of the best films of last year and one of the best films of the decade so far. I rewatched it the other night with my brother, who had never seen it, and through him I was able to see why The Departed is so great. It's so great because it has the power to take a hold of the viewer and pull him/her right into the film. There is no way you know where the story is going and there is no way you can predict the twists. By the time the credits roll you know you have been through an experience.

I saw this film in the theater and it was one of the best theater experiences of my life. Everyone was really into the film. When certain things happened in the film everyone would gasp and when certain scenes would play out you could hear people say "oh shit...." Yeah, it was awesome. It is also one of the few times where I have seen a film with mostly adult and everyone applauded at the end of the film.

Even though I liked Letters From Iwo Jima more, I am still beyond happy that The Departed won best picture. I also wish that Scorsese would have won for another more personal film and not a genre film, but hey who cares? The man finally got his oscar!

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