Thursday, March 8, 2007

Sympathy For Mr. Vengeance (2002, Chan-Wook Park)

"This is the story of Ryu, a deaf man, and his sister, who requires a kidney transplant. Ryu's boss, Park, has just laid him off, and in order to afford the transplant, Ryu and his girlfriend develop a plan to kidnap Park's daughter. Things go horribly wrong, and the situation spirals rapidly into a cycle of violence and revenge."

I will just start off by saying that this is hands down one of the greatest films I have seen in a long time. A true masterpiece from what will soon be one of many masterpieces from Chan-Wook Park. I have only seen one film of his, but I have enough confidence to call him the real deal. Without a doubt one of the best young directors out there. He will one day be in the league of the greats. What even gets me more excited about his career is that most people consider Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance to be his weakest film in his Revenge Trilogy. I can't even begin to imagine how his other films are like then.

Everything is just beyond amazing in this film. Everything. The acting is amazing and the two lead actors give some truly heartbreaking performances. The script is perfect. There are moments where I was left scratching my head and couldn't really understand why a certain thing had just happened. Yet, that certain thing would later be explained and would actually serve a big purpose to the story. Though the acting, and story are flawless it's the direction and cinematography that left me speechless. This is one of those films that has layers and layers going on right before your eyes. It's also beautiful to look at. Every single frame and shot has so much thought and hard work put into it that it is really amazing to admire.

I would go into much more detail, but that would ruin the film. The only other thing I can say is that the film has so many memorable scenes that will stay with you forever. It really is a masterpiece.

It's because of films like this that really make me love cinema.

- ****

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