Thursday, March 8, 2007

Fire in the Sky (1993, Robert Lieberman)

"A group of men who were clearing bush for the government arrive back in town, claiming that their friend was abducted by aliens"

What a bunch of bullshit this film is. A big pile of bullshit.

This is the film that is "based on the true story" of Travis Walton. His alien abduction is the most written about alien encounter ever. What makes it so special is that Travis Walton was not the only person who saw the abduction, his 7 friends did also. Over the years they have all taken various lie detector tests and they have all been proven to be telling the truth. Truly chilling stuff.

The film is told through the aftermath of the abduction and how the town reacts to the situation. They of course all suspect murder and accuse Walton's friends of covering it up by making up this bogus alien story. The film is then told through a series of flashbacks as we start to slowly see how everything happened. Then all of a sudden Walton is found naked by a gas station. He can't remember a thing but he slowly begins to remember what happened to him when he was on the ship.

This sounds pretty damn interesting, right? It really is. We are really wondering what the hell actually did happen to Walton on this ship. The film is about to end and then all of a sudden comes the very infamous "disturbing" alien sequence. We finally find out what happened to him. These series of scenes really do their job to creep you out and really makes you squirm. That's at least if you havn't read anything on the real case that this film is based on.

It's a gigantic pile of bullshit. The climax of this "based on a true story" film is 100 percent fake. None of this actually happened. Even the real life Walton has claimed that the film is nothing like what happened to him on the ship. Since it's Hollywood though we are treated to a lot of overblown scary alien scenes that did not happen at all. Once again, the payoff/climax of this "BASED ON THE TRUE STORY" is all fake. Thats just wrong on so many levels.

I just hate it that the film used the "Based on the true story" quote to sell itself, and lets be honest, to also sell the whole "alien sequences" Yet, it is ALL FAKE. I felt so beyond cheated and lied to when I found all this out. It really takes away anything scary that the film had going for it.

Really, what a bunch of bullshit. Seriously.

- *1/2

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