Friday, March 16, 2007

2 misleading titles at the Grindhouse.

So, I once again went to the Grindhouse fest. It was all together pretty "ok" and fun but it lacked what made other nights so much more fun. Fewer people came and the first film, Chinese Hercules, lacked the awesome audience participation that I have grown to expect. There was some laughter here and there but for the most part the audience was silent.

The second film, The Black Dragon, was a lot more fun. For some odd reason a couple of more people showed up and these people seemed to be driving the audience participation. This film goes down with Machine Gun McCaine and Wipeout! as one of the funnest I have seen at the fest. The film was a typical mediocre kung fu flick but the audience was loving every minute of it. It was also a lot of fun because of the audience's hilarious tongue in cheek "over-applauding" to certain scenes. For example: A man is going to try out his new "kung fu shoes" right before the final duel. When he puts them on and looks at the camera and says "lets go!" the audience must have applauded for 2 minutes and a lot of people people started shouting "lets kick some assssssssssssss!" and "fuck em' up!!" It was tons of fun but I just wish that this group of people would have come earlier and sat through Chinese Hercules.

The other thing that lead me to think that the night was somewhat lame were the films. I know what I was getting into but I had no idea what Tarantino pulled on everyone, After watching both films it seems that the theme was "misleading titles and posters" because both films failed to deliver what they both promised through trailers,titles, and posters. Chinese Hercules seemed to be about Bolo (big dude from Bloodsport) but in fact the film barely had any Bolo action. He must have come out for no more than 10 minutes. So lame. Black Dragon also seemed to promise a blaxploitation kung fu film and instead the black kung fu star comes out for maybe 5 minutes and most of the time is just in the background of every fight scene. So lame.

It was another fun night, but just not as fun as other nights. I just wish more people would have shown up, but oh well...

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