Thursday, March 15, 2007

The ongoing battle with the horrible film 300,

I should let this one go but the on going debates about this film are just too annoying. I know I stand with the people who hate it, but the people who love it have the worst arguements to defend the film. Some that I have heard, no lie..

"this movie was badass straight up and down. you are all retarded. ITS A COMIC BOOK ADAPTATION!!! of course its not going to be realistic *******s."

you thought the fighting was borning? are you daft? that movie had arguably the BEST cinematic fight sequence of all time"

ook im not tryin to insult anyone...of course everyone has there own opinions...but come on, the movie wasnt made to be an academy award achieved everything it set out to"

"I liked the movie, but plot wise and all it was defently really weak. But hey I had a ton of fun watching people get hacked to bits and really liked some of the style choses during the fights. I didn't really mind the slow mo it just seemed to be the way that this was going to be shot, kind of showing how much faster and better then the persions they were"
"once is an ACTION movie. and it was very good in that respect. its not supposed to be a historicly accurate drama"

"I think that the dialogue and the acting suited the film perfectly, because what it all comes down to is that 300 is a movie that you will feel on the most primative level. If you're a guy who loves action, you'll love this and overlook the acting because you think it suits the overall feel of the film. You'll love the dialogue because it's the way we envision the most badass warriors to talk. No bull****, just plain badass. "

One of my favorite film geeks said it perfectly when he interupted a debate by saying this:

:Discussed for a long time to come? If by discussion, you mean bickering back and forth over whether or not it sucks, then yes. As far as true film discussion, I doubt it. Any time someone attempts to discuss the film intelligently, it's usually shot down with a "LOL who cares about characters and dialogue and story and repetitive fight scenes and terrible acting. IT FREAKIN RAWKEEED!!!! FOR SPARTA LOL!!!!" kind of response."

So true.

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