Friday, March 9, 2007

The Boss/Wipeout! (1973, Fernando Di Leo)

"Lanzetta is a mafia man who is stuck in a low position in the family. When he is hired to take care of the kidnapping of the Don's daughter by a rival mafia family, Lanzetta takes the opportunity to stir some trouble. He then decides to begin killing every single mafia member in order for him to become the new Don"

I just want to point out that I have no idea what the title of this film is supposed to be. It seems to either be listed as "The Boss" or "Wipeout!" The print I saw had the title of "Wipeout!" So, whatever. Anyways. with a plot like this one there is no way this film can not deliver. The film delivers everything you would expect and a bit more. In order for me to explain how this film is, all I have to do is explain the intro to the film. This should give you a good idea of how this film is.

The film begins with no credits. It just starts with a man walking into a building holding a sniper rifle case. He walks through the building without being seen until he finally finds the people he is looking for. We find out that these group of men are part of the mafia. This silent assassin, who we later find out is Lanzetta, follows them until they go into a mini screening room where they are going to watch a porn. Lanzetta then quietly sneaks into the projector room where he knocks out the projectionist and then begins to arm his rifle. He rests it on hole in the wall and takes aim at the group of men. Now, you would expect him to begin to snipe them out, right? Nope. He starts shooting grenades out of his rifle which seem to explode on impact. He fires at least 6 of these and blows up all of these guys and sets the room on fire. Suddenly, a man hears the explosions and runs towards the projection room. He begins trying to open the door and when he is finally able to he is greeted by Lanzetta who takes dead aim at him and shoots one of these grenades right at his chest causing him to explode into a ball a fire. Freeze Frame. Music kicks in. WIPEOUT! flashes on the screen and the credits begin to roll. This is only the first 10 minutes. You can now imagine how the rest of the film is. Yeah, it's awesome.

The film is very balls to wall and never even tries to justify the lead characters actions. He is a cold blooded killer who even says "killing is like nothing. I don't see the point" He kills anyone who gets in his way and does what he has to do in order to get ahead. The film is beyond fun when we are following this character. Sadly though, we don't follow him all that much at first.

For some odd reason the film seems to begin to be told through a couple of perspectives until the film finally settles on Lanzetta. All this time spent on switching from character to character is pretty pointless and confusing at first. It does however serve a purpose at the end of the film. Still though, the first 30 or so minutes of this film are pretty lame. The last blood soaked hour makes up for it a lot though.

I don't know what else to say other than this is a very dark crime thriller where everyone is a bad guy, even the police. Seeing how everything plays out is too much fun and the last 15 minutes will make your jaw drop. It also helps a lot that the film has tons of dark comedy worked into it.

This film, just like Machine Gun McCaine, is a cult film without a cult. I too hope to see this film find it's audience one day. It's just tons of fun.

- ****

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