Sunday, March 11, 2007

Triple Feature at the Grindhpuse festival.

I once again was lucky enough to go to the grindhouse film festival going on over here. Tonight was a triple feature of The Van, Pick-Up Summer, and Summer Camp. Everything was once again nothing short but awesome.

Waiting in line was once again a lot of fun. This time I started talking to a documentarian filmmaker, who is making a documentary on grindhouse films, and his 2 friends. The conversation started when they couldn't remember who else was in the cast of SNL during the non-Lorne Micheals era. They could only remember Robert Downey Jr. and Randy Quiad and were having a tough time thinking of the rest. I turned around and helped them about by saying Anthony Michael Hall and Gilbert Godfried were also in the cast. This then led into Christopher Guest and Harry Shearer and how awesome they are. It was a cool little conversation that was a lot of fun. It's nice talking to people who are as much a geek as you are.

After all this I went inside the theater. The introduction this time was a little bit too abrupt and rushed. The guy said that they were way behind schedule, somewhere around 40 minutes, because they had some print problems with the previous showing of a film named Summer Camp. Since the print was going to take awhile to fix they decided to instead show Teenage Hitchhikers as the third feature.

The first two films shared an interesting "theme" and it seemed that Tarantino was aiming to make a tipple feature of this "theme". The "theme" was "stuff that was really cool and kick ass at the time but are now hilarious" The first film, The Van, dealt with over the top custom vans. The second film, Pick-Up Summer, dealt with pinball championships. I would have loved to have seen what the third film was about but instead I got Teenage Hitchhikers which was um....interesting and beyond horrible and also hilarious.

The trailers were once again a lot of fun. They ranged everything from teen comedies, kung fu flicks, horror films, to some very odd sexploitation films. I think I saw way too many "Naughty Nurses...with a hot temperature!" type of trailers than a person should. My favorite trailer this time belonged to a horror film named Autopsy. I had no idea what exactly was going on in the trailer but one scene where a man falls off a building in slow mo had the whole audience in stitches. Again, I am lucky enough to see this one later on in the fest.

The audience was once again beyond hilarious and tons of fun. They really made all 3 films enjoyable. Without them I don't think I would have ever sat through Teenage Hitchhikers.

It was another fun night. I wish that 2 of the films would have been a lot better, but it didn't matter with this type of crowd. Any film is fun with these people.

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