Friday, March 23, 2007

A double serving of Giallos at the Grindhouse

I went to the Grindhouse fest once again today after a week of not going. All the past couple of days seemed pretty lame to me and I had seen most of the trailers for the films that were shown and none of them impressed me. None of them even had the "so bad its good" vibe like The Van did. However, today was a must for me as one of my most anticipated films from the fest, Autopsy, was going to be shown tonight along with Eyeball.

Both of these films belong to the horror sub-genre of Giallos. Which are basically very stylish and atmospheric horror films that came out of Italy in the 60's and 70's. Suspiria, The Bird with the Crystal Plumage, Black Sunday, and Zombi 2 seem to be the most famous and well known entries from the genre. Sadly though, I know very little about this genre. I know the directors to watch and the films to watch but I have just never had that big of an urge to watch everything and when I did try to get into it, by watching the most famous one Suspiria, I was very disappointed. I will try again one day and after tonight I have a bigger urge to do this also.

i wish tonight had two awesome entries from this genre. Instead I got 2 very lame entries that were just trying to cash in on the success of the genre. They were both fun, but far from great films.

Anyways. The audience tonight was amazing. The theater got packed and the audience could not stop participating. The trailers were all great and a lot of fun. My favorite belonging to Day of the Animals, which seems to be the greatest horror film ever made that I have yet to see.

The main thing that also made the night lots of fun was the surprise guest star, Barry Primus. He plays an ex-racer priest in Autopsy and he was cool enough to do the introduction to the film and talk about his performance and the shittyness of the film. I really didn't know who he was and now looking at his IMDB I feel stupid for not knowing.

So yeah, another great night with bad films.

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