Wednesday, June 20, 2007

We Are Unkinged Kings in this Kingdom!

The past two days have been a blast. I had the luck to have gone to the New Beverly Cinema twice and both days have been great fun.

The first day was a tribute to John Flynn and the double feature featured Defiance and Out for Justice. Both films were a lot of fun and I'm not gonna write anything about them cause my friend over at Sex Drugs and Cinema (under links) stole the words right out of mouth. When they did the introduction for the films they mentioned that both films had that "old school 80s direction" and that comment sums up both films, even though Out for Justice is from the early 90's. It also wasn't until Defiance ended that I really understood the comment about the old school 80's direction. Sure both films are dated and over the top but because of this same reason both films have already transformed into little odd time capsules of their time. People are quick to laugh at them call them cheesy but I once again do not support this comment because it seems that people confuse the words "cheesy" and "outdated" a lot. Anyways...both were a lot of fun.

The second night was a double feature of Kaiju/Men in Rubber Suit movies from the Shaw Brothers in Hong Kong. The double feature contained Mighty Peking Man aka Goliathon/Inframan aka The Super Infrman. This double feature was a blast and I have long been wanting to watch some kaiju on the big screen. Although I would have liked to have seen better examples of the genre both films were a lot of fun with the audience at the New Beverly. The new trailer reel they showed was also fantastic and was edited andmade by the editor of the Spider Man films who happens to be a big fan of the theater. The trailer reel was just great and packed with trailers for other Kaiju films.

The other bad thing I could say is that I had the misfortune of sitting next to the most annoying person I have ever met. A complete spaz who talked to himself and would randomly say phrases to me, including the title of this post.

That is all.

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