Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Grizzly (1976, William Girdler)

"A fifteen foot tall grizzly bear terrorizes a state park. Christopher George leaps into the carnage to stop it."

This is like the most badass movie ever made. It's all about a killer bear and the rebel park ranger who is out to stop it with the help of the kooky animal expert. It's just excellent.

Some people name it a cheesefest and laugh at it for being "so bad" but this one doesn't deserve that treatment at all in my opinion. Sure, some things are outdated and the ending is gloriously over the top but that really doesn't justify people to laugh at it and ridicule it. I honestly do believe that this film is a great horror film and that it's intense atmosphere still holds up. It's a wild and crazy film and every single second of it is pure entertainment.

I find it so funny that so many people are quick to laugh at this film because its about a killer bear and yet are quick to put Jaws in the top ten list of the greatest films ever made. People tend to forget that Jaws is just a killer shark film. It's well made and well acted but at the end of day its just a killer animal movie. It's just as ridiculous as the rest of them, the only difference is that it's just better made than the rest of them. However, does a well made film automatically make it a better film than an above average made film? In my opinion no. In my opinion it all comes down to how the story is told. Wither it be with a lot of great camera movements or with no camera movements, it's all about telling an interesting and above all an entertaining story. So this is why I honestly really do believe that Grizzly is just as entertaining as Jaws. It might seem cheap at times but the entertainment factor is always set at the highest level and when it comes to a killer animal movie I want to be as entertained as much as possible. It also doesn't hurt that the film isn't badly directed or badly acted at all.

Grizzly is pure fun. It knows that its a "B movie" and it has as much fun as possible and that's why i loved it so much. I will now consider this the "B version of Jaws" and I mean that with a lot of love.

- Ridiculously Awesome

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