Saturday, June 9, 2007

Wild Guitar (1962, Ray Dennis Steckler)

"Boy comes to California to become a rock star. Boy becomes an overnight success. Boy meets the troubles that come with fame"

This is the joy of just having a lot of time and being extremely bored. I went downstairs to watch some TV because there was nothing to do and the first thing I did was check TCM to see what they were showing, the first thing I do always of course, and there was just a film named "Wild Guitar" that was about to start in a couple of minutes. I didn't know any of the actors or had never heard of the film but decided to at least check out the first couple of minutes just because the title of the film sounded cool and the year it was made in guaranteed the movie to be something interesting at least,

As soon as the movie began in black and white with some funky looking greaser guy riding along on his motorcycle meanwhile his guitar is strapped on the back on the bike and the titles appear over him I knew I was hooked and would watch it to the end.

Wild Guitar is a "B movie" that I am pretty sure played in a lot of Drive-Ins in its day and was made for the sole purpose to entertain teens. I would group it in with films like Beach Party and what not. The films where a bunch of teens just run around, party, and fall in love The only difference with this film is that we get more of a story to go along with the general story of two young folks falling in love. it also doesn't hurt that the film is pretty rock and roll and has a little bit of style to go along with it

The real surprise to me though was when during the middle of the movie I saw the TCM logo appear in the lower corner of the frame but it was instead the TCM Underground logo which immediately made me think "wait....what?" since this is TCM's cult movie block. It turns out that the lead actor in the movie has a strong cult following and having only seen this movie and Eegah, which is one of the worst films I have ever seen, I am now curious to see the rest of his 4 movies.

Wild Guitar is a fun little "B movie" that is very innocent and naive. It's a fun time capsule of the early 60s and you just cant help but smile though it. Plus....its just rock and roll. Just look at these pictures!

- **1/2
This is from Eegah but just look at this guy.

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