Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Midnight Run (1988, Martin Brest)

"An accountant is chased by bounty hunters, the FBI, and the Mafia after jumping bail."

I will seriously go as far as saying that this is a little hidden gem. I have never read of a person talking about this film. Sure, it's filled with cliches and it's nothing new and it's predictable but it has something that a lot of recent films fail to have. That certain thing is chemistry. With enough great chemistry between the actors any film can become a lot of fun, like this one.

The film not only has the great chemistry between the two main actors but it also has some great typecasting. I hate typecasting but sometimes it can also help out a film if it's played just right. Midnight Run is a perfect example of this. De Niro is the tight lipped bounty hunter with no sense of humor and Grodin is the wisecracking smartass white collar criminal he has to transport across America. They work great off eachother and the dialogue which could easily become annoying is fast, witty, and always fun. The action delivers also and also helps the film fly by really fast.

Once again it's nothing new but to put it simple, it's just a fun film. Nothing is too over the top and nothing is too serious. It's sad that we at least don't even get fun movies like these anymore. Instead we are treated to crap films like Hollywood Homicide or The Last Shot which try to have this fun chemistry between the actors and instead fall flat in every single way. It's also sad that they don't even make mainstream films like they used to.

- ***

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