Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Just awesome.

Once again I had the pleasure of going to the grindhouse fest again. Once again everything was nothing but amazing. The thing that made this day stand out though were the films which were actually good in both of their own ways.

The audience was great like always and so was everything else, especially the trailers. I had the great experience of watching a lot of trailers from the guy who directed the first film. The Muthers, and what a bunch of trailers! This guy might be the most over the top filmmaker ever and I am dying to see his Road Warrior rip offs which just left me in awe.

I really don't want this festival to go away but oh well.....hopefully they will do this again next year or at least do a version of the infamous QT Fests that have long been going on in Texas I believe. I hate being this kind of person but why the hell Texas and not LA Tarantino???? Seriously, I thought you loved LA?

Nothing much can be said. I can't wait to go again.

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