Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Fight for your Life (1977, Robert A. Endelson)

Fight for your Life (1977, Robert A. Endelson)

"This is the story of three escaped convicts who take a middle-class Black family hostage for a relentless nightmare of racist humiliation, sexual violence and extreme vengeance."

While reading up on this film I read that it is flat out banned in Britain it almost caused riots where it was shown. Most of the time when I read facts like this or "it made people faint!" I always take it as an exaggerated comment. After seeing this film I really do believe the comment. I still can not believe that this film exists and that it was in one time in theaters.

Fight for your Life is hands down the most politically incorrect film I have ever seen and on top of that it's one of the most offensive films I have ever seen. Having said that this film is incredible. It's beyond insane and it's beyond intense. It really qualifies as one of those films that you have to see to believe.

Where to begin with this one.....William Sanderson gives one hell of a performance as the lead convict. He plays the most racist character I have ever seen and will ever see. Every racist remark you can think of he says and every racist thing that you think a person can do he does. He is also over the top in every single way. This is a trademark in these exploitation films but it works in this one given that the film breaks any and all boundaries. So the over the top acting fits right in place.

What else is in this film other than this beyond racist character? Everything. Seriously. Everything. There is a certain death that is just crazy. There is rape. Oh and of course there is some revenge. It's got everything and it pushes everything to an uncomfortable boundary. It might offend most people and some people will find it horrible. I found it amazing.

This is hands down the best exploitation film I have seen. If you are into these kind of films you have to check this one out. It really is insane.

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