Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Waitress (2007, Adrienne Shelly)

I am really going to try and keep this write up short and sweet.

This really is the great little film that it is becoming known for. Sure, it is far from perfect but it has so many perfect little moments and scenes scattered through out that it really doesn't matter. It just doesn't take long before the film wins you over and you are feeling for the characters.

The performances from everyone are top notch and often times heartbreaking because of brief subtle moments. Jeremy Sisto has been a favorite of mine since I watched him in Six Feet Under and I was happy to see him get a great role for once. I only cite him out because I am a fan but really, everyone is perfect in their roles. It's a bummer that Keri Russel doesn't have that much of chance at winning much and will be looked over a lot because of other performances getting bigger buzz but she is perfect in the film as well.

The film also has this sort of special bittersweet borderline tragic feeling to it all even though it contains one of the most beautiful endings from this year. It makes you wonder about what could have happened to Adrienne Shelly since this was her big breakout and watching the film from the perspective of someone who read about that whole horrible incident really makes the film seem a lot more intimate, sweet, and beautiful.

I really loved it and my friend Dan put it best by saying that the film was just "special". I cant pin point what exactly makes it feel like that, but there is just something about it that wins your heart over.

- ***1/2

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Jason said...

I have to admit that the buzz for this film is really starting to convince me to see this. Great review dude and I'll get back to you on this one.