Friday, December 7, 2007

Paris, Je T'Aime (2006, various)

I really love the idea behind Paris, Je T'Aime. I love the idea of gathering a bunch of directors from all around the world and having them all make a brief short that deals with love and Paris. It's just a great idea. You can't deny that.

Yet, the film suffers the same exact thing that I feel anthology films always do; You will end up with a mix bag. Paris, Je T'Aime is the perfect definition of a mix bag. There are a couple of top notch excellent shorts. There are also a number great ones too. The problem is that there are too many mediocre shorts, with a few bad ones, that just leave a bad taste in your mouth after they finis. So, when you think back on the film you find out that the film was enjoyable but there were just so many mediocre shorts that the film becomes flawed as a whole.

I enjoyed myself during most of it. I just cant deny that there were a lot that made me not love the film too much or made me want to rewatch it all as a whole. Instead, when the film finished I just felt like going back and watching the excellent ones while skipping past the bad ones.

I do hope that they keep on making these films, though. I know that New York, I Love You is being made right now and will come out next year and I think that's great news. Like I said before, I just love the idea behind these films. I just hope that the next one will turn out better.

- C+

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