Thursday, December 27, 2007

From Grades to Stars

I have decided to go back to rating films that I watch with the classic 4 star rating system. This is due to two reasons.

The first reason is because in the past couple of days I have had to defend my opinion about certain films and me rating them. I have had a lot of "I thought Juno was alright but I wouldn't give it an A. I would give it like 3 stars and a half" to which I reply with "Yeah, so would I. You see, my A+'s are like your 4 star ratings." to which I get "ohhhh then why do you give it an A" to then which I reply with "because I feel some films are in between 3 stars and a half and 4 stars and I don't think the rating them in stars gives them that credit. I also hate giving 9.7 out 10 reviews or ***3/4 reviews. I feel that the grading system is the easiest when this happens"

I have had that conversation about 3 times in the past month and about 10 times this past year. I have decided to just go back to the basic star system. I wont be doing any of that **2/4 kind of thing and will just stick to the full stars and half stars.

The other reason I decided to go back to this system is because I'm just bored and it will be something new to try.

I just decided to do this post that way I don't have to explain myself a couple of times when people message me and ask why I started to do stars all of a sudden.

That's all.

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