Friday, December 7, 2007

Once (2007, John Carney)

I loved this film. A lot. I mean I really loved it a lot.

Much has already been said and written about how charming, beautiful, and great the film is so I will once again try not to write too much about this film and will just basically echo what everyone else has already said.

I love musicals and this might be one of the best musicals ever made. Yeah, I went there. I think it is that good. It's so unique and heartbreaking beautiful at times that it feels like something that has never been done or achieved before. The only other film that I can think of is Dancer in the Dark. Even though the style can be compared because of the realistic style to it all, the execution is very different. In Dancer in the Dark the musical numbers were surreal, but in Once they are realistic in every single way. This realistic approach to it all is what makes the film the film that it is. The feeling you get when you see the two lead characters break out in song together for the first time in a music shop without any track playing over and them singing and performing on the spot is just magical. You just get chills, and this is just one of many scenes which gave me chills and just made me smile.

The film also has a lot going for it other than just the musical aspect. A lot of people tend to only focus on that, but really the film offers a lot more under the musical surface. The film presents what might be one of the sweetest love stories I have seen in a film in a long time. The way the actors perform (ha! Get it?) off eachother is just perfect and feels so realistic that you just buy into their relationship. So, when you have this perfect little love story going on with these characters and then they just start singing together, it is just so simple and beautiful. The way their relationship plays out during the film might be my favorite aspect to the whole film. It's more charming that the musical scenes to me and is the heart of the film.

Even though I will end up placing films like Zodiac and No Country for Old Men over it when the time comes to make a "top ____ list" for this year I know that this is the film that I will end up rewatching more than those films over the years to come. It may not be the best film this year but it might be my favorite at the moment.

The songs are excellent, the performances are perfect, and the story it tells is beautiful. I absolutely loved it. It's just a perfect little film.

- A+

It will also be a crime if this film doesn't win the Oscar for best original song next year.

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