Saturday, December 29, 2007

Blue Water, White Death (1971, Peter Gimbel & James Lipscomb)

I have said it before in older posts but I love,love,love digging for films.

"Digging for films" is a term me and my friend Greg (over at Sex, Drugs, and Cinema) began to use one day and it just stuck. The term means to go to your video store, store, or online rental service and just go through a lot of films until you think you might have found a hidden diamond that time has forgotten and then you simply just check it out and see how good or bad it is.

I try to balance my film watching by watching a popularish/new release, a well known great film, and a film that I found through "digging" at blockbuster online or my video store and taking a chance on it. I try to watch these 3 kind of films during the course of week or two. Out of all of these 3 types of films that I try to watch I find the one that I dug through piles of movies for to be the funnest to watch. There is just something really satisfying to me when I rent a film that I have never heard about before and end up watching a great film. I guess it's the joy of discovering something by yourself and then wanting to share the gold with people. It's just fun and satisfies the geek inside of me.

In all my years of digging though films I consider myself to have found a couple of really great stand out films. Blue Water, White Death is one of those films. It is far from a masterpiece and it contains a couple of flaws but for the most part it is a pretty damn good documentary that contains a certain sense of adventure, awe, and beauty to it all.

I found this one while going through recommendations based off of The Life Aquatic and I rented it just because it sounded cool and because I thought it might turn out awkward hilarious at times (which it did).

Anyways, while trying to find a a decent poster to use for this post I decided to check youtube to see if there was at least a trailer for it. Instead, I found a fantastic video review of it by a site named FILMJUNK and it really captures everything that I wanted to say about it.

I urge you all to check it out.

....and here are some screencaps that I took while watching the film of certain images that I found amusing.The above screencap comes from my favorite part of the film. During this scene one of the divers picks up a shell and puts it on his head for no reason. Then this other diver comes out and just starts hitting the shell on his head with this punching rod that he has (in case of sharks). It might be one of the most awkward, random, and funniest things I have seen.

- ***1/2

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