Sunday, December 2, 2007

Talk to Me (2007, Kasi Lemmons)

I really don't have much to say or write about this film other than to just type of the simple statement of "It's a very solid film with great performances"

I guess my loss of words is because there is not much to write about it. There is no profound depth. There is no outstanding flaws worth pointing out. It's also not so great that it merits of a couple of paragraphs of me praising it. It's just a solid and great film.

The greatness of the film mainly belongs to the stellar performances from the cast. Cheadle is just fantastic and bursts with charisma. You get a feeling that you are watching an actor enjoying the hell out of his role, and thats a great feeling to have when you are watching a movie. It's a shame that he will get overlooked for an Oscar nomination since it's the perfect combination of actor and script. It's one of the best performances that I have seen so far this year.

Other than Cheadle's performance you get some outstanding supporting performances from Chiwetel Ejofor and Taraji P. Henson that provide even more charm and heart to the film. The film and direction is also pretty solid, which doesn't hurt.

Really, all I can say is that it's a very solid film with 3 outstanding performances.

- A-

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