Thursday, September 6, 2007

Time After Time (1979, Nicholas Meyer)

"H.G. Wells pursues Jack the Ripper to the 20th Century when the serial murderer uses the future writer's time machine to escape his time period."

One of the greatest plot outlines. Ever. On top of this, Malcom McDowell plays H.G. Wells. Awesome.

This is another great find of a film that I also found by "digging for films" I read the plot outline and immediately moved it to the top of my queue. This film did not disappoint at all.

I don't even know what to write about this film. Everything that you might expect from the film is here. Its a twisty stylish thriller that is always suspenseful but always fun given the time travel aspect of it all.

The only thing that stops me from giving it an A is that the film does a have a very underwhelming ending after what is a great set up that lasts 2 hours. The way things get resolved does make you go "that's it?" for a split second when it occurs. I will also forgive the leaps in logic this one takes simply due to the fact that I have yet to see a film that deals with time travel that doesn't fall into this flaw. Well, maybe Primer doesn't but thats a whole other case.

Time After Time is a very fun film though. It's worth a watch if you haven't seen it and it is impossible to not be entertained by the originality of it all.

- A-

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