Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Kalifornia (1993, Dominic Sena)

Once in awhile there is a performance that is so fun to see that you can just tell that the actor playing the role is having a fun time being in character. Kalifornia is a perfect example of this with Pitts insane performance as a redneck serial killer.

In the film Pitt plays the serial killer who by chance goes on a road trip with a writer who is writing a book about serial killers meanwhile taking a road trip to California. It doesn't take long before the tension begins to rise and dead bodies begin to appear.

I didn't know what quite to expect from this one. I was expecting a normal by the numbers thriller but instead got a brutal,intense, and sometimes humorous movie that can easily be compared to Natural Born Killers. Although, I actually preferred this one by a long shot. Simply because this one actually chose to not get too serious and pretentious and instead chooses to stay within in its genre and deliver what it set out to be...a great genre film.

The only problem I had with the film is the use of voice over that comes and goes at random points in the film. Its not annoying or pointless, it just eliminates any subtlety the film has going for it at times and it often pulled me out of the film. The voice over on top of this is also the weakest written part in the entire film. We get lines that just don't connect and often times i though the lines in the voice over were trying too hard to be profound. It wasn't that big of a problem since it only pops out every now and then.

The real highlight of the film is easily Brad Pitt and Juliette Lewis in their roles. Each actor brings so much to the film that they really elevate it to much more than just a normal little thriller. Pitt brings the intensity meanwhile Lewis brings the heart to the film. When they share scenes in the film the chemistry is also fun to watch. Their performances makes this film a must watch.

A great little film that somehow seems to have gotten lost in time. It's a shame because it features one of Brad Pitt's best performances.

- B+

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