Thursday, September 6, 2007

The King of Kong (2007, Seth Gordon)

"A documentary about Steve Wiebe who sets out to break the world record of Donkey Kong. A record that was set by Billy Mitchell in the 80s who also refuses to let his record be beat."

This documentary is perfect. It is easily one of the best films of the year and one of the best documentaries that I have yet to see. I say all of this because I truly mean it and not because I am jumping on the love bandwagon and hyping it along with the rest of the people who have seen it. It really is great.

The story is tells is unbelievable. It tells one of the greatest good vs evil stories that I have ever seen captured on film. Steve Wiebe, who represents the good in this case, is the classic example of an underdog. He really is such a tragic hero that you just feel like cheering him on as soon as you hear about what has happened to him during his life and get to know his wife, who gives the film a lot of heart.

However, this is not Wiebes movie. Not at all. This is Billy Micthells film all the way.

This is the biggest dick/douche/jerk/asshole ever captured in film. I am not kidding at all.

When you get Billy Mitchell's amazing personality against Steve Wiebes underdog personality, you get pure cinematic magic. I once again am not kidding or over exaggerating at all.

Describing any scenes would spoil a lot of the excitement and hilarity of the film. It's a great fun watch that delivers more hilarious moments, outstanding characters, and truly tense moments than most films do.

I have never had so much fun hating a person in a film than I have had with Billy Mitchell.

- A

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