Monday, September 24, 2007

Mon Oncle (1958, Jacques Tati)

This one followed Play Time and it was also a very fun watch to see in a theater. However, I own and have watched this film before, and the same problems that I have always had with it seem even more bigger on the big screen. It also doesn't help that it had to follow Play Time.

The problem that I have with Mon Oncle is that I have always felt that it is slow at times. I'm not saying that is too slow but compared to M. Hulot's Holiday (and now Play Time) the pacing in this one is a lot different. Also, instead of having many small gags leading up to a big set piece, we are mainly just treated to a number of set pieces that take a lot of time.

But when the film picks up and finds its place, it is once again another showcase of Tati's highly imaginative and hilarious gags. The satire in this one is also another aspect to admire and also serves to show how great Tati really was.

- A-

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