Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Straight Story (1999, David Lynch)

I didn't know what quite to expect from this one. This is mainly because it holds the creepiest title ever on a dvd cover...

"Walt Disney presents a film by David Lynch"

I was expecting a very watered down version of Lynch to the point where you couldn't even tell that it was Lynch behind the camera. All of my doubts where put to rest after the first scene. Lynch makes his mark known from the first second when the film begins with a great crane shot that lasts about 5 minutes and sets up the basic mood for the film.

From then on Lynch delivers a film which is so simple that it is really hard not to like. Thats not to say that the film is not "Lynchian" The famous atmosphere that Lynch has been able to make his trademark is evident here. He uses music, sound design, and simple but yet great cinematography to tell this story that sometimes even becomes tempted to go into the surreal world that Lynch is known for. The key moment of this being Straight's encounter with a woman who is hysterical because she always hits deer on her way home.

There is also the trademark Lynch fire and eerie glows as well. Of course.

The Straight Story is a very simple yet profound film. Although there are few scenes of dialogue, every single world is believable and feels heartfelt from the actors. The climax of the film is also simple yet heartbreaking in such a great way that one has to admire Lynch for keeping it as simple as it is.

- A-

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ahmed nabil said...

one of my ultimate favourites!