Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Eddie and The Cruisers (1983, Martin Davidson)

I have always known about this film. Its always been at every single video store that I have ever been to. I have always not rented it though or even though about renting it.

Eddie and the Cruisers is a pleasant surprise of a film. The film deals with a news reporter trying to write a piece on a band that has suddenly become back in style after many years of being forgotten after the lead singer was thought to have died after a car accident. The thing is that his body was never found. So, this news reporter to sets out to find out if he ever died at all.

The film is then told through flashbacks as we slowly start to know what caused the rise and fall of the band. We get the cliched scenes of the band practicing a song, making the song a hit, touring, and then fighting with each other. As cliched as this all might be it is still delivered with a lot of energy and the whole cast is great in their roles. The musical scenes are also great, which is why the film really does work.

The film also has the core mystery of "Is Eddie alive?" which is also a nice little touch that at first is a little bit laughable and then actually becomes intriguing. The only thing that makes the film feel odd in its last couple of minutes is that the story becomes a thriller all of a sudden. It comes out of nowhere and feels very out of place with the overall story of the film. There is also a scene towards the end with Eddie that is also very out of place. Luckily these scenes dont last too long.

The film may have its flaws and shortcomings but in the end its a fun 90 minute film that seems to end too soon. I mean this in a very good way.

- B+

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