Friday, August 17, 2007

The Last Waltz (1978, Martin Scorsese)

" A film account and presentation of the final concert of The Band"

The plot outline perfectly sums up the movie the only difference being that the concert is intercut with interviews with The Bands members and we slowly find out about The Bands history as well as their reason for wanting to retire so soon.

It might all sound cliche but Scorsese is able to get some really dramatic effects through the choice of interviews before the next song comes on which then adds on a layer of depth to the performance.

Also, since this is Scorsese the concert looks like no other concert put on film with maybe the exception of Stop making Sense/Talking Heads. The main difference being that Demme shot Stop Making Sense over the course of a couple of days while Scorsese shot everything in one night and no redos. The amount of planning that went into this is incredible and thanks tp the special feature on the dvd you really get a sense of how hard it was for Scorsese to pull all this off meanwhile getting certain shots and dramatic effects in one take.

It really is an incredible film that only shows once again how great of a director Scorsese really is.

- A

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