Monday, August 27, 2007

Disturbia (2007, D.J. Caruso)

"A teen living under house arrest becomes convinced his neighbor is a serial killer."

I guess anyone who even knows a little bit about movies, or at least knows about Rear Window, is quick to hate this movie before even watching it.

I believe it's just because if you know about Rear Window you go into this film already knowing that its a ripoff that fails to even mention its inspiration and tries to play it as something original and new. It isn't and it doesn't even come off as trying to differentiate itself from the original too much. I guess the title of "Rear Window with technology" is the best way to sum up the movie.

However, once the comparisons of Rear Window wear off you are left with a pretty fun and entertaining movie. Its cliched, its predictable, it tries too hard to please its teenager crowds with moments of comedy that are supposed to be hilarious, but when the film finally settles down and the plot goes underway it is a fun movie for sure.

Its initial flaw are the Rear Window comparisons which are inevitable and rightly deserved.

- C+


Emma said...

How was lovely Shia?

Ramses said...

Shia was the best part of the movie for sure.

I really hope the guy doesn't burn himself out too quick. He does have talent for sure even though most people find it the cool thing to hate on him so quick now after his sudden fame.