Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Late Shift (1996, Betty Thomas)

"A behind the scenes look at the battle that was fought between Jay Leno and David Letterman over who would get The Tonight Show spot"

In a film like this that deals with 2 very famous people that we all know about, the whole film rests on the shoulders of the two actors performances. This is the main reason why I watched the film and I am sure that this is the only reason people will seek it out.

Also, it has John Michael Higgins from the Christopher Guest troop as David Letterman. It is also a hilarious and awkward performance and this is what I was hoping to expect.

Becomes this..


As fun as Higgins performance as Letterman might be and as solid as the other actors performance as Leno might be, the film isn't that great. Its rather bland and uninspired and really features nothing to write or talk about. The performances as great as they are also sometimes off and just feel like a forced impersonation.

You can also lose track of how many times Higgins "Letterman voice" will come and go

It a fun film that goes by quick but it is nothing special at all.

- B

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