Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Bird with the Crystal Plumage (1970, Dario Argento)

"A writer is stalked by a serial killer after witnessing a murder attempt on one woman's life."

This was a very interesting emotional ride for me.

Let met explain...

I started loving the film for the first 15 minutes, then started hating the film for the next 30, then it got kind of better in the following minutes, then the final 10 minutes were excellent and made me forget about what came before it and in the end made me love the film.

The main problem that I had for the film until the final couple of minutes is that its wacky. Yes, wacky. There are an odd number of scenes that try for comedy and then on top of that there are wacky characters which could have been played straight but were for some reason made wacky by Argento. For example you get the pimp with the stutter, the over the top gay art dealer, or the crazy artist who eats cats. It really serves no purpose to the film but to only distract and annoy the viewer. Maybe at one time in Italy this was considered funny but now it just feels out of place. Especially since you are supposed to be watching a horror film.

However when the film finally decides to leave its wacky characters and get serious the film delivers the goods. The only thing that sucks is that it takes awhile to finally begin to deliver but when it starts it doesn't stop. A lot of innovate camera placement and some nice color schemes also do not hurt.

The other main thing worth noting is the final couple of minutes to the film. There is this long drawn out segment in the film that seems to serve no purpose what so ever in the film. It jsut goes away never to be mentioned again and through out the final couple of minutes of the film you begin to wonder why that segment was in the film in thee first place. Then in the final minute a plot twist is revealed that makes you go "ohhhhhh" and really makes the film as food as it is. I loved this small bit of the film and I really loved the original plot twist that it contains

A very fun and stylish thriller for sure.

= A-

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