Friday, August 17, 2007

Bathing Beauty (1944, George Sidney)

"Songwriter Steve Elliott is about to marry Caroline Brooks. A strange woman who's been paid by Steve's agent to say she's his wife interrupts the ceremony. An angry Caroline gets her old job back teaching at a girl's college. Determined to win her back, Steve enrolls in the school to become its only male student."

If you are even a casual movie fan and do not know the name or films of Esther Williams, you should. Her MGM musicals are some of the funnest and most original musicals you will ever along with Busby Berkley's work. Both share an over the top sense of style to their musical numbers that have yet to be matched by anyone else. The only difference between the two is that all of Williams musical numbers were set in giant pools and consist of water numbers. It really is a great sight given the glorious technicolor of the time that only seems to get better with age.

i grew up watching them along with a lot of musicals and I have always had a sweet spot for Esther Williams. However, Bathing Beauty is a bad example of her films.

The main problem is that the film is a Red Skelton vehicle more than hers and it really does a long time until the musical numbers begin to kick off. On top of all this the main water musical number doesn't come until the end and given that this is Esther Williams first film her talents do not shine all that much as it would later on.

Its a fun colorful musical though. Just not a great example of Esther Williams talents.

- B+

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