Monday, July 30, 2007

Frankensteins Castle of Freaks (1974, Robert Oliver)

"The same old Frankenstein story only with a dwarf, a caveman, and some nudity and sex....yeah..."

This is easily one of the worst movies I have yet to see. There such things as "so bad its good" but this one is "so bad its just bad" It feels as if there is a missing MST3K track to it and even if there was one I think Mike and the bots would have a hard time riffing on this one. Sure there are some great funny scenes, all of which feature a pervert dwarf, but these scenes sadly don't come that often.

This is strictly the kind of film you have to see with a group of people that way the time goes by quicker and even with that it will be an endurance test most of the time. I was lucky enough to see it at the grindhouse fest at The New Beverly Cinema and even with the theaters awesome audience the film still felt like it was 3 hours long, which is a big accomplishment since the film is only about 89 minutes long .

Horrible stuff. There is no excuse, this is just crap.

- D- (the pervert dwarf was pretty cool)

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