Monday, July 30, 2007

A Very Sad Loss for Cinema.

Its 2 09 am over here and the news just broke that Ingmar Bergman has passed away. I know that I am not one to write an obituary or a tribute of sorts but part me just wanted to write down at least something in honor of him.

See, it's because Bergman does hold a place in my heart.

One of my all time favorite directors and the first director who I fully began to study and watch is Woody Allen. Through Woody Allen I found a lot of directors who's work I also began to love. I found people like Fellini, The Marx Brothers, and De Sica. In this group of directors that I found through Allen was Bergman. Although his work was hard to come by back then I was lucky enough to find old beaten up vhs copies of Through a Glass Darkly, The Virgin Spring, and Wild Strawberries at my library. I watched all three and I loved all three.

He was one of the first directors who really opened up my eyes and my mind to foreign film. His films showed me that there was this whole other world outside of the U.S. that had as much talent as we have had. Every film buff and film geek can tell you what was the first film that made them get into foreign film. For me it was Wild Strawberries and I love the film so much for that reason alone.

I find it so odd that the director who made the most films dealing with the mystery of death is now dead. Although he has proven himself to be a mixed bag for me, he has always had a special place in my film buff heart.

It is always sad to see one of the greats go and Bergman was one of the best and one of the most important names in film history.


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