Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Demolition Man (1993, Marco Brambilla)

"A cop is brought out of suspended animation in prison to pursue an old ultra-violent enemy who is loose in a nonviolent future society."

Ok..first the plot of this movie...

Stallone plays a no rules ruthless cop in the 90's who seems to have an ongoing rivalry with a crazy killer played by Snipes. After their latest standoff ends with a factory blowing up and a lot of dead bodies both of them are kept in a cryo prison. Now cut to the future where everyone is peaceful. Snipes breaks out of prison and since everyone seems to be a pussy he is able to easily stir up some rampage. Now because of everyone being a pussy they need some help in killing the man and so they unfreeze the most badass man they have....Stallone.

Yeah, this has to be one of the best plots ever.

This movie should live up to this plot outline. It should just be really kick ass and have a lot of cool scenes and just be a lot of fun. It is is at times but the sad part is that it isn't a lot of time. Instead of getting the Snipes/Stallone action that is promised we get ridiculous secondary characters that just make the film intolerable at times. We get about 3 characters who's only job is to be comedic relief when Stallone finds some parts of the future hard to get used to. So, when Stallone is shocked to not find toilet paper in the bathrooms in the future all these characters just look at him and say stuff like "toilet paper....hahahahaha!!" and Stallone just does a "huh?!" type of face at them. These kind of scenes happen about every 5 minutes. Its not as cool or as funny as it sounds, sadly.

Among these characters we get Sandra Bullocks character who is just annoying. She plays a future cop who is a big fan of the 90s and quickly becomes Stallone's sidekick. Now because of this we have comedy moments where Bullock tries to be cool with Stallone and says a lot of cool 90s catch phrases, but since its been so long she says them all wrong. So after Stallone has just kicked some ass she will look at him and say "Wow! You really licked their ass!" and Stallone once again goes "huh?! That's kicked their ass! Kicked!!" This is once again not as funny or cool as it might sound, sadly.

If all of this wasn't enough we also get Dennis Leary playing a underground revolutionist who is well..Dennis Leary. By this I mean that Leary is literally playing Leary in the film and it seems that it is exactly what the producers wanted since he was in his comedic prime at the moment. Hes supposed to be a hero but all he does is go on comedic rants and talks really Leary. I don't know what exactly is the purpose here of this character doing this. I think its supposed to be funny or something.

So if all this wasn't enough already we also get ridiculous little scenes that don't make much sense. I know its supposed to be an action film and all and we are not meant to think about it all too much but somethings are just inexcusable. When Snipes needs a lot of weapons and cant find any because in the future everyone is peaceful he decides to go to the museum and guess what? There are all kinds of guns,grenades,plasma guns with live ammo there! Enough to occupy him and the rest of the bad guys for the rest of the film. This is just too much for me.

However with all this mess Demolition Man does have its moments of fun. Whenever the film forgets about its sill secondary character or the silly comedy and just sticks to the action between Stallone and Snipes it delivers some good over the top fun action. It just sadly doesn't come as often as it should.

I don't know what exactly I was expecting from a film named "Demolition Man" but it wasn't this silly movie for sure.

- C

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