Saturday, January 26, 2008

This Filthy World (2006, Jeff Garlin)

My friend Greg over at Sex,Drugs, and Cinema told me this was "like stand up for film buffs" and he was 100 percent right.

I am not a fan of John Waters' films, except for Serial Mom which I consider to be an underrated film. Having said that, I love hearing John Waters speak in documentaries and I love reading his writings. I find him hilarious and always insightful and I applaud him and what he has done with his films and also with his support towards cinema. He is a one of a kind character and I like seeing him play that character..which is himself.

So, there is no surprise that I loved This Filthy World, which is just John Waters speaking to a crowd for about an hour and a half. He talks from everything from Michael Jackson to his fights with the MPAA to him going by film by film and telling stories from each. His one man show presents him as the character which film buffs have come to adore and it's easy to see why there is such a love towards him after watching it.

- ****

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