Saturday, January 26, 2008

Spellbound (2002, Jeffrey Blitz)

After watching Spellbound I came to the conclusion that I love documentaries which tackle on a competition. The only 2 other examples that I can think of which I loved are Mad Hot Ballroom and Wordplay, but I have a feeling that I just really dig this subgenre of documentaries.

So, because of this I don't know why I never caught up with Spellbound since it is considered THE documentary to see from this subgenre. It suddenly hit me out of blue that I should check it out finally and I was pleased that I did. It lived up to the hype and it was often times a mix of cheering on your favorite kid, laughing, and just getting really into it and feeling the tension when it came time for them to compete against eachother.

- ****

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