Thursday, November 15, 2007

Piranha (1978, Joe Dante)

I was able to watch what might possibly be the most famous of the Jaws rip offs the other night and for a film that is produced by Roger Corman, written by John Sayles, and directed by Joe Dante... it delivers the goods.

Since this is a schlocky film we of course get nudity and gore but what really set it apart for me was how everything was handled. There is a never a feeling of you being "in on it". By this I mean that there is never a feeling that Dante is making it campy or goofy. Instead the film takes it's subject matter (mutated killer Piranhas... on the loose!) as serious as it can without looking ridiculous. I imagine that is can also be attributed to John Sayles script.

You also know you are watching a fun film when the climax of the movie deals with these killer piranahs (on the loose !) attacking a summer camp where little kids are holding a race in the water. Great stuff, for sure.

Thats about all I can write about for this one. It's a very fun B-Movie that is easy to enjoy if you like the genre, which I do quite a bit.

- B

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