Wednesday, November 21, 2007

La Vie en Rose (2007, Olivier Dahan)

La Vie en Rose is without a doubt one of my favorite films of the year so far. There is nothing negative that I can say about the film at all and when discussing it I always find myself just raving about it. It really is that good in my opinion.

What works for La Vie en Rose is a combination of some very slick, stellar, and yet very subtle direction mixed with a powerhouse performance by Marion Cotillard as Edith Piaf. She really and truly does become the character for 2 hours and half. Seeing her as Edith Piaf from her teenage years all the way to her last night on earth is truly breathtaking and often times heartbreaking to watch. Her performance at times could have quickly become over the top and camp due to Edith almost always being high or drunk during the film but she keeps her acting very balanced. The way she uses her wide optimistic eyes is subtle ways to give the character depth through out scenes is also great to watch. You really do get a sense that you are watching a true form of acting that we don't get too much these days. This is my favorite female performance of the year so far. I really hope that she gets her credit come award season, which she will.

The direction is also just perfect. I have bumped into a couple of people who really didn't like the crazy narrative structure (the film jumps all over the place every 10 minutes) but I loved it. I felt that through this crazy narrative the pace of the film was never slow and scenes that felt pointless at the beginning of the film would later on take another field of depth when more backstory was shown. It's a storytelling gimmick for sure, but its a fun and interesting one.

Another thing worth pointing out is the 5 minute tracking shot that occurs in the film which is just too good. This is the kind of thing a film buff looks forward to witnessing and this one delievers the goods. It's not flashy at all and might possibly one of the most subtle tracking shots I have ever seen. The added surreal touches through this shot are also a pleasure to watch. Also, the range of acting that Marion Cotillard also does in this 5 minute long take once again proves why she has gotten so much acclaim over this performance. It really is great stuff.

I loved this one a lot.

- A

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