Monday, May 14, 2007

Frosty is a fellow film journalist that I have sort of befriended. He is one of the lead writers of (under links) and he has just gotten a lot of great exclusive footage from the red carpet and backstage of The Saturn Awards, which are most likely the geekiest film awards ever. I would have loved to have covered it but I still have many steps to go until I can come to that point

Anyways, I thought I would give him a shoutout and post a couple of things that I found interesting from his interviews. Frosty is a great interviewer and he was able to get such info as....

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari will come out on dvd on June 5th. - This is some awesome news. This is the green screen remake featuring Doug Jones. It looks fantastic.

Eli Roth is doing "Trailer Trash" which is just a movie made out of fake trailers. He will begin doing this before he does Stephen Kings Cell and will wrap it up after Cell. He also mentions that Edgar Wright and Rodriguez are interested in doing something in "Trailer Trash"

Danny Trejo says that he will be doing Machete with Rodriguez before Rodriguez does Sin City 2

There is a lot more stuff out there in those videos that Frosty did. I just thought I would post all of this because I found it refreshing to actually see footage of the press junkets, and the red carpet in this case, since we are always only allowed tape recorders. I don't know, I just loved being able to see the panic and rushed state of everything and being able to see both Frosty and the "stars" talking super fast in order to say everything. I also loved seeing the people interrupt him every now and then just as he is about to ask another question. Although this is not really how it's like during Press Junkets, it comes close to capturing the intensity and feeling of being rushed through everything.

Sorry for the rant, but check out the videos if you have time to kill. Frosty is one of the "good guys" Not one of the people that ask stupid as hell questions or stupid "gossip questions".

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